EU Global Lunch Seminar – Recent Case Law on EU Sanctions



The ‘UK branch’ of our Interest Group (basically Anne and I) think it may be nice to set up a couple of brown-bag lunch seminars, on current issues related to the EU as a Global Actor.

Our first seminar will be on Thursday 16 May, at UCL Faculty of Laws (Endsleigh Gardens, London WC1H 0EG), from 12.30 to 2 pm.  We suggest looking  at recent case law on EU sanctions, including the Opinion of Advocate General Bot in Kadi II (Joined Cases C-584/10 P, C-593/10 P and C-595/10 P) – but also other recent case law, on regime sanctions.

I will kick off with a short introduction.  The idea is to have a general discussion.  We are also very much open to suggestions for further Interest Group activities.  We do plan to have a second lunchtime seminar on 6 June, same location – further details to be advised.

Piet Eeckhout

One thought on “EU Global Lunch Seminar – Recent Case Law on EU Sanctions

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