Panel Discussion on Critical legal approaches to TTIP


City University of London is hosting a panel discussion entitled “Critical legal approaches to TTIP: on method” on Monday 20 June 2016, from 17-18:30. Here is the description:

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement (TTIP) is understood as one of the most controversial trade deals of all time. The TTIP negotiations appear to have generated substantial fears at national and EU level, as to the transfer of authority to a new living entity as a form of global governance. The negotiation of multiple global ‘mega regional deals’ such as TTIP necessitates a broader view of what is at stake and why in the process.

This dialogue involves scholars critically examining the negotiations from the perspectives of private law, civil liberties and international law to consider their approaches to methodology and their own critical method.


TTIP’s Regulatory Cooperation and the Politics of Knowledge beyond the State
Dr Marija Bartl (Centre for the Study of European Contract Law, University of Amsterdam)

Everything As It Should Be: TTIP, Neoliberalism and New Constitutionalism
Dr Paul O’Connell (SOAS, University of London)

TTIP and the ordo-liberal origins of international investment law: some notes for discussion
Ntina Tzouvala (Durham Law School University of Durham)

For more information and registration (the event is free), see the event’s webpage.



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