ESIL 2016 Workshop: Alexandra Hofer, “Promoting Threat”

As mentioned earlier, EUglobal is hosting a workshop in the margins of the ESIL 2016 Conference in Riga. The papers for this workshop are posted here on the Interest Group blog. Today’s paper is written by Alexandra Hofer, and is entitled “Promoting Threat: A Sociological Approach on the Effect of European Union Restrictive Measures on the Development of International Law’s Enforcement“. Here is the abstract:

“This paper assesses how the EU’s restrictive measures, or sanctions, contribute to the enforcement of international legal norms the EU considers to be essential, such as human rights, the prohibition of aggression and other UN Charter principles.It should be noted at the outset that we will not concern ourselves with the legal characterization of the restrictive measures under international law (i.e. whether they qualify as retorsions or countermeasures) but we will focus on the effects these measures have on the development of international law’s enforcement. This study is also limited to autonomous sanctions, meaning restrictive measures that the EU has adopted independently from Security Council measures under Article 41 of the United Nations Charter. By applying the constructivist concepts of ‘intersubjective social structure’ and ‘identity’ as well as discourse analysis methods, we will demonstrate that the restrictive measures can potentially have a counterproductive effect by indirectly encouraging the responsible State to continue its wrongful act.”

Click here to download the paper.

One thought on “ESIL 2016 Workshop: Alexandra Hofer, “Promoting Threat”

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