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Revitalizing the EUglobal blog for 2016

Negotiations_about_Iranian_Nuclear_Program_-_EU_High_Representative_Mogherini_and_Iranian_Foreign_Minister_Zarif_Address_Reporters_in_LausanneThe ESIL interest group on the EU as a global actor (EUglobal) is becoming increasingly popular, with well over 200 members to date, but this Interest Group blog has been rather dormant over the past year. During the Interest Group meeting at ESIL 2015 in Oslo it was agreed that we needed to do something about this, and that something is what this blog post is all about.

In 2016 we will revitalize this blog, and attempt to make it the central hub for news about conferences, seminars, blog posts, and papers that concern the EU as a global actor. To this end we have already posted about a couple of upcoming conferences below. But, this task cannot be accomplished by the interest group leadership or the editor of this blog alone. We need the help of our many members.

We are thus asking you all to submit tips about upcoming conferences, seminars, recently published papers, or blog posts you have written via e-mail to the blog editor: A tip can be simply a link to the relevant piece of news, although it is appreciated if a brief comment is appended. All relevant submissions will be turned in to a small news item published on this blog.

Moreover, members of EUglobal should now be able to subscribe to this blog, either via e-mail or RSS, and quickly receive the latest news. We hope that this will help promote the spread of information among all the members of the EUglobal Interest Group.