IG Seminar: “Scoping the Field of EU External Relations Law at Sixty”

The ESIL Interest Group on EU as a Global Actor, the Leuven Center for Global Governance Studies, and the Salamanca University are holding a seminar entitled “Scoping the Field of EU External Relations Law at Sixty“. It takes place on 17 July 2017, 13:30-19:00 CET, at the Council Room, Faculty of Law, Tiensestraat 41, Leuven, Belgium. Participation is free, but prior registration is necessary by 14 July on a first come, first serve basis (limited seating), via e-mail: conference@ggs.kuleuven.be.

The idea and full programme is available via this link. Here is an excerpt:

This seminar seeks to explore the most salient issues in the European Court of Justice’s case law on EU external relations in the year that marks the 60th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome. The past 10 months have seen a number of key judgments and opinions being handed down in this field. Developments of particular significance have taken place on two main strands. On the one hand, Opinions 2/15 and 3/15 (as well as pending Opinion 1/15) raise questions for reflection on the future of the EU’s common commercial policy and on the nature of EU external competences in general. On the other hand, a series of judgments in the area of the common foreign and security policy seem to provide guidance as regards the Court’s interpretation of its limited jurisdiction in this policy domain. H v Council, Rosneft and Elitaliana, but also earlier cases such as Tanzania Agreement and Mauritius Agreement, slowly build a significant body of case-law in this regard. This is linked to other judgments, such as the orders in which the General Court declined to rule on the EU-Turkey Statement. In order to assess these developments, the seminar, which takes place on the basis of Chatham House Rules, is structured around two main sessions. Following short presentations of maximum 10 minutes on the main issues touched upon in the case law, academics as well as practitioners coming from the legal services of the institutions and from the European Courts will be invited to comment.


LAwTTIP Joint Conference: ”TTIP and Beyond…”

The Institut de l’Ouest: Droit et Europe (IODE) of the University of Rennes 1, in cooperation with the University of Bologna and King’s College London, hosts the I Joint Conference of the Jean Monnet Network LAwTTIP: “TTIP and Beyond… Negotiating and implementing the EU’s Free Trade Agreements in an uncertain environment“.

The Conference will take place on 15 and 16 June 2017 at the University of Rennes 1. It will address the major institutional features related to the negotiation and implementation of the EU trade agreements.

See the conference web pages for further information.

Europe and the World: A Law Review (Launch Event)

It is a great pleasure to announce the launch of a new journal, published by UCL Press: Europe and the World – A Law Review. The journal will be fully open access, and observe the highest standards of academic publishing.

The first issue will be published on 19 June, at a launch event in London. We may see some of you there, and hope you will consider the journal as a potential outlet for some of your academic work, or will recommend it to others.

Programme for the launch event

18:00 Welcome and Introductions
Editors of the Journal
18:10 Keynote speech on ‘Can Europe Save Democracy?
Prof. Miguel Poiares Maduro
18:40 Questions and Answers
Facilitated by Caroline Wilson
18:50 UCL Press
19:00 Drinks Reception

About the journal

Europe and the World – A Law Review aims to contribute to legal scholarship on the place of Europe in the world, with a particular but by no means exclusive focus on the EU’s external relations law.

The journal serves as a forum where the national, international and EU perspectives meet and engage. The journal is therefore irreverent of traditional distinctions between EU, international, and national law. While primarily offering legal doctrinal and theoretical analyses, the journal also publishes multi-disciplinary work and political science and international relations contributions with an external perspective on the law of EU’s external relations.

The first issue includes an editorial and four articles:

  • ‘Making Transnational Markets: The institutional politics behind the TTIP’, Marija Bartl.
  • ‘The EU and International Dispute Settlement’, Allan Rosas.
  • ‘Of Presidents, High Representatives and European Commissioners: The external representation of the European Union seven years after Lisbon’, Frank Hoffmeister.
  • ‘(Not) Losing Out from Brexit’, Annette Schrauwen.

Call for papers: “Exiting institutions”

At the start of the upcoming ESIL Annual Conference in Naples in September we will once more organise a special seminar for and with our IG members (6 September 2017, 15:00 – 18:00); this time together with the new IG on International Organizations.

The theme will be ‘Exiting Institutions’, and both international and EU law aspects will be addressed. Here is an excerpt of the call for papers:

Recent years have seen an extraordinary crisis of confidence in international institutions. From the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union to the mooted exodus of African States from the International Criminal Court, states are reconsidering their membership in international institutions in ways that were unthinkable a short time ago. This gives rise to multiple challenges in international law, in terms of both the immediate legal issues which arise from the process of state withdrawal and the deeper questions about what international cooperation will look like in the coming years.

In order to explore these themes the ESIL Interest Groups on International Organizations and on the European Union as a Global Actor are jointly hosting a workshop prior to the ESIL Conference in Naples (September 2017). The connections between the two focal areas of the Interest Groups are visible in a number of ways. For instance, the exit of states from international organizations may impact the cooperation between the EU and these organizations. At the same time, exits from the EU will have an influence on the relation between the EU and other international organizations and between the ex-EU members and these organizations.

We wish to invite submissions on three sets of issues raised by the process of states or organisations exiting international institutions, namely: the rights and duties of exiting members, the legal position of individuals and the future of multilateralism.

Papers may be in both English and French. Please email a short abstract (not more than 300 words) and your CV to int.orgs.interestgroup@gmail.com. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 May.

Click here to read the full call for papers.

CLEER Presidency Lecture Series: The experience of the Slovak Presidency of the EU Council in the field of external relations

The T.M.C. Asser Instituut and the Centre for the Law of the EU External Relations (CLEER) in cooperation with the Embassy of the Slovak Republic to the Kingdom of the Netherlands cordially invite you to this presentation by:

His Excellency Mr Roman Bužek

Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in the Netherlands

Time: 16:00 hrs, followed by a reception courtesy of the Embassy

Venue: T.M.C. Asser Instituut, R.J. Schimmelpennincklaan 20-22, The Hague

Registration: Registration for this event is mandatory, as a limited number of seats are available. Please register online.

The CLEER Presidency Lecture series, initiated in 2011, complements the events organised by the T.M.C. Asser Instituut and the Centre for the Law of EU External relations (CLEER). It focuses on a specific segment of EU external actions: the role of the incumbent presidencies in coordination and leadership in regional and global issues.

Call for papers: “The EU as a global actor in …” (Geneva, 6-7 July)

ceje-geneveThe Centre d’études juridiques européennes of the University of Geneva, Jean Monnet Centre of excellence, is organizing a doctoral workshop, under the direction of professor Christine Kaddous, entitled “The EU as a global actor in …”. The goal of the workshop is to evaluate the role of the EU as a global actor in various areas – 13 in total – including international trade, migration, security and defense, the environment, and consumer protection.

The Centre d’études juridiques européennes of the University of Geneva is pleased to welcome PhD students and young scholars to the workshop which will be attended by Professors and practitioners active in the relevant fields.

Paper proposals of 3000 characters (approximately one page) are to be submitted in English or French. The paper proposals along with a CV and a motivation letter should be submitted no later than 27 March 2017 to the following email address: ceje@unige.ch.

Click here to download the full call for papers.

New book: “The European Union’s External Action in Times of Crisis”

Piet Eeckhout (University College London) and Manuel Lopex-Escudero (University of Granada) have just published a new book entitled “The European Union’s External Action in Times of Crisis“.

Here is the abstract:

eeckhout_lopez-escuderoThe Lisbon Treaty modified the legal framework of EU external action and these innovations must be applied in a period of deep economic and financial crisis interacting with other more specific crises affecting the EU’s external activities. This volume investigates the recent institutional and substantive developments in EU external relations law and practice in this context of multiple crises for the EU. The economic and financial crisis has a major impact on EU external action, but other crises too affect this sensitive area of the EU’s activity and the book takes them into account. For instance, there is a crisis in the relationship between EU law and international law after the ECJ judgement in the Kadi case. In addition to exploring these questions, the volume also examines questions of legitimacy in fields such as foreign investment protection and arbitration. Representing the output of a powerful research team composed of leading scholars in the field this comprehensive collection will appeal to both an expert and non-expert readership.

You can read more about the book and see the table of contents on the publisher’s website. A flyer with a 20% discount code is available here.

Call for Papers: “The Role of the European Parliament in the Conclusion and Implementation of Agreements on International Economic Law issues”

European Parliament in Brussels, HemicycleOn 9 December 2016, the ESIL IG on International Economic Law in cooperation with the European Parliament will organize an International Conference with the following title: “The Role of the European Parliament in the Conclusion and Implementation of Agreements on International Economic Law issues“.

The Conference will be held at the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels. The Scientific Committee has launched an international call for papers:

Abstracts must not exceed 800 words and must be submitted to the following email addresses: elisa.baroncini@unibo.it ; mfedorova@law.uni-kiel.de ; pstoll@gwdg.de.

Deadline Call for Paper: 7 November 2016

In addition to the abstract, each submission should contain a separate file with information on:

• The section of the call for papers for which the abstract is submitted

• The author’s name and affiliation

• A short (one page) author’s CV, including a list of relevant publications

• The author’s contact details, including email address and phone number.

For further information, see the full call for papers.

Upcoming ESIL events on Non-UN Sanctions and Post-Conflict Justice in Ukraine

ESIL is (co-)hosting two events in May 2017; a symposium entitled “Non-UN Sanctions and International Law” and a conference entitled “Post-Conflict Justice in Ukraine“. Both events are calling for papers. Here are excerpts of the calls, with links to further information:

Non-UN Sanctions and International Law

prague-squareIn 2017, an ESIL symposium will take place, co-organized by the Institute of International Relations in Prague, Czech Republic, and the Nottingham International Law and Security Centre, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. The symposium will consist of two one-day events, one organized on 5 May 2017 in Prague, the other on 10 November 2017 in Nottingham. The overall topic of the symposium is Non-UN Sanctions and International Law. The idea is to consider various aspects of sanctions adopted outside the UN context, by individual States, groups of States, regional organizations or other actors.

Call for Papers for the Prague event: Legality and Legitimacy of Non-UN Sanctions: Abstracts (of not more than 750 words) should be submitted to cil@iir.cz by 25 October 2016. Please include your name, email address and a one-page curriculum vitae with your abstract.

Post-Conflict Justice in Ukraine

kievquayThe European Society of International Law, the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, and the Ukrainian Association of International Law will hold a joint Conference on the theme of ‘Post-Conflict Justice in Ukraine‘.

The general topic of the conference is post-conflict justice and the relevant strategies for securing justice in the context of the Ukrainian conflict.

Date: 26-27 May 2017
Venue: Kyiv

Call for Papers: Abstracts of proposed papers (between 1,000 and 1,500 words) should be submitted to esil_kyivconference@yahoo.com by 15 December 2016. Please include your name, email address and a one-page curriculum vitae with your abstract.