ESIL 2016 Workshop: Ielyzaveta Lvova, “The Concept of Global Constitutionalism as a Road to Freedom for Local Democracies in Transition Times”

As mentioned earlier, EUglobal is hosting a workshop in the margins of the ESIL 2016 Conference in Riga. The papers for this workshop are posted here on the Interest Group blog. Today’s paper is written by Ielyzaveta Lvova, and is entitled “The Concept of Global Constitutionalism as a Road to Freedom for Local Democracies in Transition Times“. Here is the abstract:

While international legal scholars support and protect democratic values, the structure of international relations changed, losing its permanent and stable features. Terrorist attacks and armed campaigns, flagrant violations of human rights have brought about an angst-inducing transformation of the global security architecture, welfare and peaceful communication. At the same time, globalization yields a limited interdependence of states and the fragility of the international world order. This article provides a general overview of the state of global constitutionalism and its jurisgenerative spirit for local democracies. Global constitutionalism is perceived as an ideology and exceptional interdisciplinary experimental approach that is rooted in legal reality. It aims to solve contemporary global political problems with the help of constitutional principles (rule of law, democracy, protection of human rights, separation of powers, etc.). The research is focused on studying the topic of global constitutionalism at its current level of development. The theoretical model of global constitutionalism includes modern progressive thinking and tends to present an experimental attitude to international constitutional law, enhancing democratic legitimacy and promoting peaceful dialogue.

Click here to download the paper.

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